Ladina Durisch

Water Reflections:

Delightful Distortions

T: +41 79 959 28 53

“As the reflections in the water become more intimate, the painter comes closer to the fluid surface until she excludes the object from the frame and focuses only on the upside-down mirrored image. The liquid element mediates the absence of the subject, saturating the canvas with disappearance.”

Veronica Cuomo | Curator

Itinerant Art Exhibition


Saturday 23 Oct 16.30-22.00
Sunday 24 Oct 10.00-19.00

Kurhausstrasse 65
CH-8032 Zurich

*Covid Certificate required


Exhibition from 28 Oct 2021 to 20 January 2022

On appointment 7/7
Curator Veronica Cuomo
+41 79 959 28 53

Seefeldstrasse 301
CH-8008 Zurich


The Curator’s Lab (TCL) is a hybrid exhibition space engaged in the everchanging exploratory process of the curatorial praxis. Malleable, it is reticent to traditional labels. A product of its time, it echoes the art scene in this specific moment in history, innovating in the respectful acknowledgment of the legacy of art history. The Curator’s Lab enables a space of curatorial experimentation devoted to art in all its diversity of forms, stages, and origins.

We are committed to showcasing art with the most rigorous quality standards integrating our commercial objectives. We consider the exhibition room as an artistic medium where the curator expresses the original message of creativity and knowledge to enhance the presentation of the artworks. Our hallmark is developing a sophisticated, yet accessible exhibition narrative conceptualized through the curatorial concept embodied in the display design. An Art Essay accompanies the show, arising from exhaustive and meticulous art historical research and profound psychological understanding of the artists and their oeuvre.

The Curator’s Lab is a place for exchange and dialogue mediated by the curatorial choices made by its founder, Veronica Cuomo. TCL is born from the vocation of exploring, researching, and thematizing the curatorial practice dans le terrain and the different space’s functions. In this context, the curator’s role is revisited, rethinking her figure, offering accompaniment, providing strategies that enable awareness and insight from their artistic process and career direction. We chose to showcase not only the artwork of the artists but also to make explicit their creative evolution and development.

Three Pillars Strategy

The Curator’s Lab is established on three main pillars supporting the curator’s vision: Art History, Psychology, and Interculturality. Veronica Cuomo was inspired in The Little Galleries of the Photo-sessions (1905 – 1917), the iconic space created by one of the most prominent figures of American photography, Alfred Stieglitz (1864 – 1946), a laboratory where modern art saw the light in America and photography fought for its place in the realm of fine arts. Here, Cuomo invokes Stieglitz’s visionary convictions summed to his intuition and knowledge.

As a licensed psychologist, the curator uses different tools to comprehend with an amazing deepens each artist’s soul, life, work, and creative process, contributing to the artist’s image-making and artistic development.

With a mixed cultural background and specialization in intercultural psychology, Cuomo approaches cultural diversity as an asset to the artist’s experience with intrinsic comprehension.

Practical Information

Our exhibitions are accessible on 7/7 by appointment or through invitation by contacting the curator directly.

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